Bird Proofing

Many products are advertised and claim to be effective against birds. We only install systems that we know will work on a Long Term Basis - which rules out most of the products so widely advertised to the general public.

The key starting point for any Bird Control project is to identify accurately the birds concerned.

There may be legal constraints on what can be done. In addition, different species require different systems. For instance, a pigeon proofing system installed on a building is unlikely to work against any of the other species of pest birds.

Birdwire System

Bird Point System

Birdwire System

Bird Net System

Guano Clearance

Bird Guano and Associated Debris

Cleaning up bird droppings presents a risk of inhaling dust containing microorganisms which cause Ornithosis and many other serious diseases.

Kestrel Pest Control have trained operatives to remove Pest Bird Debris and make areas safe using powerful disinfectants and insecticides, including the safe and correct disposal of this debris.

All of these services add up to a total approach to Humane Bird Control and lasting protection to buildings.

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